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Azure Corporation is the founder of the enabling ideas® Community of experts. We are a corporate, business and financial strategy consultancy specializing in strategic growth. Fusing design thinking with financial rigour we excel at identifying new profit opportunities. We help clients realize strategic advantage by mobilizing and managing delivery and implementation teams through our enabling ideas® Community of experts.


For the past decade Azure Corporation has been designing and implementing game changing results for corporate and entrepreneurial enterprises in Canada and the United States. We have advised the Leadership, developed profitable growth strategies, mobilized delivery and implementation teams and managed executions for Clients across a wide span of industries.


  • Board, CEO, Executive Advisory and Workshops
  • Corporate Strategy and Governance
  • Business Valuation and M&A Due Diligence
  • Opportunity and Critical Issues Exploration, Analysis and Validation
  • Strategic Planning and Business Modelling
  • Financial Strategy and Financing
  • Reinvention, Transformation and Turn Around Strategy
  • Identity and Brand Strategy
  • Real Estate Strategy and Execution
  • Operations Management

Our approach is a simple but powerful path to understanding, quantifying and making strategy choices. Unlike conventional consulting models that revel in complexity, we pursue simplicity. As famously stated by Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Our form of simple sophistication is derived from conquering complexities, not ignoring them.

We pursue what we call Business Critical Truths and don’t waste Client’s time and money on what’s not important. A Business Critical Truth is (i) an assumption you are making that must be true for success, so you better be right or (ii) something that must get done for success, so you better be capable to make it happen.

Tim Penner, Past President of P&G Canada, so aptly stated, “problems don’t show up as one function problems, they show up as multi-functional problems”.

With our four enabling ideas® service branch extensions; Ideation and Strategy Branch, Research and Analysis BranchSolution Realization Branch, and Executive Education and Training Branch we assemble and mobilize “the best at what they do” to deliver Clients a complete and implemented solution.

Service Reach

North America




Bell Canada

Direct Energy

Whirlpool Corporation

The Maytag Store

BB Bargoons / InVU Drapery


Saatchi & Saatchi

UB School of Management, University at Buffalo

Key Principals

Blair Severn, President and Managing Partner
(905.939.9444 Ext. 102)

Marlene Bonigut, Principal and Managing Partner
(905.939.9444 Ext. 101)

Contact information

Thomas White House
P.O. Box 791
10535 Islington Avenue
Kleinburg, ON L0J 1C0

Phone: 905.939.9444


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