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What we are great at:
BenchStrength is a boutique marketing research practice, committed to leveraging change for success and uncovering insights that fuel competitive advantage. We are great at the art of disclosure and deliver this with thought leadership and expert deployment of research tools. We design integrated studies to tease out insights and surface game changing strategic intelligence that delivers value to the bottom line.


We are hybrid marketing research practitioners with academic expertise in applied research methodologies and over 20 years experience with tier one companies and brands. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to consumer packaged goods, financial services, retail, beverage, B2B and food service industries. BenchStrength specializes in the fusion of proven research techniques and the latest advancements in the industry. Fusion enables multi-modal data points that reveal powerful strategic intelligence for clients. For example, having completed an integrated research design for a major food service retailer informed a multimillion dollar capital expenditure to upgrade menu boards resulting in significant increases to average cheque value.


  • Qualititative Reseach: Core, Digital and Mobile
  • Focus Groups and Depth Interviews
  • On-line Bulletin Boards, Communities, Video Chats
  • Ethnography, Employee Interviews, Sensory, Concept Exploration
  • Semiotics, Shop-alongs, Customer Immersions, Consumer Immersions
  • Custom Quantitative Evaluations: Core, Digital and Mobile
  • On-line, Mobile and Digital Surveys, Online Surveys for Non Internet Users
  • Multi-Mode Interviewing
  • CATI Telephone
  • Intercepts

Through our 3 step approach, we bring clarity to business challenges and transform them into opportunies.

1. Research Intent: Clarity is key. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business, market, competition, and trends in order to define the key issue or problem to explore in research. Once the research intent has been identified we will put it into context with their overall vision and strategic objectives to define the horizon for success.

2. Integrated Design: Creating the best research design to address the research intent and metrics for succcess involves selecting the right people and the right tools. The techniques we use continue to evolve through the fusion of proven qualitative and quantitative research techniques coupled with the latest technological advancements in the industry. We customize studies to meet client needs and budgets, from simple to complex multi-modal studies.

3. Actionable Insights: This is the research outcome. Learning that uncovers insights that deliver value to the bottom line.

Our bench has the expertise to gather valuble intelligence that realizes our overall objective which is turning our clients’ challenges into opportunities. We are passionate and committed to leveraging change for success and fueling competitive advantage.

Service Reach

North America


– Names confidential –

National Quick Service Restaurants

National and Regional Mass Merchandisers, Grocery and Fahion Retailers

Several Top Tier Consumer Packaged Good Companies

Major Beverage/Alcohol Companies

Financial Services – Insurance, Retail and Commercial Banking, Securities and Wealth Management

Real Estate – Residential, Commercial and Retail Developers


Communication (Advertising and PR)

Numerous Top Tier National Design Agencies

Multinational Health and Wellness Companies

Key Principals

Louise Sheedy, Principal


Paula Simm, Marketing and Operations Manager


Contact information

42 Industrial Street, Suite 206

Toronto, ON

M4G 1Y9

Phone: 416.429.7777


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