Solution Directors

Azure Corporation – enabling ideas® Solution Directors are uniquely talented advisors of cross-functional experience. Our Solution Directors are specially selected for their expertise with business complexities and their capabilities to design, assemble and project manage robust collaborative solutions from the enabling ideas® member companies.

Executive Advisors

Azure Corporation – enabling ideas® Executive advisors synthesize facts, data and knowledge into intelligence and insights for Senior Leadership decisions. This special unit is designed and calibrated to serve the complexities of enterprise-wide and governance issues.

Individual experts and/or collaborative teams are assembled from specially qualified influencers, knowledge leaders and creators.

What sets this special unit apart is that the advisors are comprised of “operating leadership” from member companies. In running companies themselves, they are not just knowledge experts but doers with the capabilities to make a winning strategy a reality.

An alternative to the conventional consulting model, where analytical frameworks and theoretical conclusions form the basis of consulting recommendations, the enabling ideas® Executive advisors design solutions from knowledge and experience in how you can get there from here.


  • high value issue analysis for decision making
  • strategy governance and process
  • strategy choice exploration and validation
  • market / competitive intelligence and response


The cost varies according to the simplicity and complexity of the Client requirement and situation.

Please call 905-939 9444 or email for a detailed activity assessment and costs.

Meet a few of our advisors:


Blair Severn

Business & Financial Strategy Expert

Geordie Allen

Design Expert

Marlene Bonigut

Implementation Strategy & Management Expert

Randy Redford

Design Expert

Glen Drummond

Innovation Expert
Ruth B. Stern
Ruth B. Stern

Solution Director

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