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enabling ideas® was built, practicing what we preach, assembling diverse experts into a “best-fit” collaborating team to make a great idea, reality.

Azure Corporation – Founder and Executive Director

With a vision for a better provider model, Azure Corporation founded the enabling ideas® Community of experts. A business and financial strategy consultancy, Azure is notable for their robust solutions achieved through assembling multi-disciplinary teams of best-in-class collaborating providers. Azure designed the enabling ideas® service model to more effectively connect client with provider(s) and solution.

Crescent Group – Website Development

Crescent Group was chosen to the Build Team to develop the enabling ideas® Community of experts web portal because they are great at articulating corporate brands into smart, functional web solutions. What distinguishes Crescent is their integration of technical skills and creative skills, rarely found in the same agency.

Magnetic – Brand Identity

Magnetic was invited to design the enabling ideas® brand identity based on their talent to leverage insights into inspired and differentiated thinking. Magnetic’s expertise is renowned globally, having designed brand identities for some of the most influential brands in the world. Their innate ability to create an authentic difference, distilled through strategy, made them a perfect fit for the Build Team.

Quarry – Marketing Communications

Quarry was awarded the enabling ideas® Build Team marketing communications role, in part, for their best-in-class marketing automation expertise. The remarkable “digital body language” capturing intelligence of Quarry’s platform empowers highly relevant, personalized and targeted communications. An ideal fit and perfect extension to the enabling ideas® service model to facilitate best-fit client-provider connections.

Rotman Information Solutions – Research and Intelligence

Rotman Information Solutions has a crucial role among the Build Team in providing validating intelligence and value-add content to the enabling ideas® service model. The ultimate information connectors, Rotman Information Solutions excels at efficiently identifying credible and valuable information for effective decision-making.

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Quarry Rotman

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