Colour Revolution’s Game Changing Patent Simplifies the Application of Hair Colour

Have you heard about Colour Revolution Inc.’s recent US patent award? Enabling ideas® Solution Director and Managing Partner of Colour Revolution Inc. Ruth Stern, has developed a technology that might be called (using A.G. Lafley Chairman, CEO and President of P&G’s definition) a “Game Changer” in the $7 billion and growing, global hair color industry. Read More ››

Responsive Web Design

Have you heard about Responsive Web Design? enabling ideas® Member Quarry, a leading expert in this innovative capability, has published a practical informative resource entitled, "The Savvy Marketer's Guide to Responsive Web Design: How to create a single website that delivers a better experience across all devices." Read More ››


Have you heard about EyeHome™, the latest innovation in online data collection from enabling ideas® Member, Canadian Viewpoint. EyeHome™ empowers a research respondent with the choice of answering open ended research questions through a webcam enabled service. And correspondingly, EyeHome™ empowers the researcher with enhanced data collection by amassing additional observational data not typically captured in a conventional online research method. Read More ››