Benefits of Google Analytics for Nonprofits |
by c ( group

Monitoring website traffic and interaction trends provides invaluable insights that can help any nonprofit accomplish their goals. Check out tips for the easiest ways you can grow awareness of your digital success and improve! Read More ››

Build Cross-border Growth Faster Off An Entrance Asset | by Azure Corporation

You’ve decided it’s time to make the leap from selling just in your home country to now offering your products or services across the border. You’ve identified your Target Market and set your Participation Strategy. Now it’s time to engage your growth engine and get to selling. Read More ››

For Financially Successful Cross Border Entry, First Set A Participation Strategy | by Azure Corporation

It is common practice for U.S. companies entering Canada (or vice versa Canadian companies entering the U.S.) to define their Target Market of their cross border initiative. But as important, have you determined your Participation Strategy? Read More ››

4 Content Tactics to Boost your Nonprofit Marketing | by c ( group

By creating valuable content that resonates with your audience you will be able to effectively communicate with your supporters in a way that triggers their emotions and inspire them to take action. So what are you waiting for? Start telling your nonprofit story in your blog, maintain your supporters, inform the public through your newsletter, create powerful images, and promote all this content on social media. Read More ››

Phase Two – The Public Fundraising Campaign – Part 4 | by c ( group

During the public phase of a fundraising campaign, it’s important to stay focussed and constantly update the public on your progress. These are the best practices for a successful public fundraising campaign. Read More ››