Phase One – Large Donations for your Fundraising Campaign – Part 3 | by c ( group

The best way to encourage your internal audience to champion your cause is to make them part of the plan. You need to make sure they are aware and involved in the campaign from the start and make it clear how you want them to help. Read More ››

Messaging for the Fundraising Campaign – Part 2 | by c ( group

Create messages that move individuals to give money to your campaign – even when you aren’t asking for donations. Good messaging should be tied to the overall objective of the organization and set clear, measurable goals. Read More ››

Starting your Fundraising Campaign – Part 1 |
by c ( group

Fundraisers suggest you break down the campaign into two parts – one to quietly raise funds from larger donors and the second when you announce your campaign and look for public donations. Read More ››

Growth Decoded

Viaduct, experts in helping startup companies grow, held an event, Growth Decoded, at Dig in Buffalo’s Innovation Center, featuring Blair Severn, Chairman of enabling ideas®. From his renowned 'Mobilize Results' program, Blair demonstrated how to unscramble the complexities of a growth strategy to a simple set of mobilizing decisions. The result being a definitive focus that transforms a company from a place of 'hope to' achieve growth, to 'expect to' achieve growth by design. Read More ››

Online Donations: Best Practices for Nonprofits | by c ( group

What does 'simple enough' mean in terms of online donations and how would a not-for-profit organization ensure that it does provide an option that is "simple enough", yet also elegant and professional? Read More ››