Messaging to Build your Nonprofit Brand |
by c ( group

Branding can be even more effective in the non-profit sector than the for-profit sector since nonprofits can more actively showcase their beliefs and values apparent in their mission statement. Read More ››

Why Leaders Fail More Than They Succeed
| by Azure Corporation

Imagine the value creation possibilities for your company, your community, your region, your country and the global economy if leaders actually succeeded more than they failed. Read More ››

IP Fundamentals for Business Lawyers | by McMillan LLP

At McMillan we are committed to fostering growth and professional development of our young lawyers. Our in-house experts, Peter Giddens, Sharon Groom and Keith Bird presented a two-part IP Primer on “Intellectual Property Fundamentals for Business Lawyers” to help junior and senior level business lawyers understand the legal complexities of IP law in Canada. Read More ››

A Clash of Intuitions: Understanding the Tension Between Sales & Marketing | by Quarry

It’s almost an entrenched fact that the relationship between Sales and Marketing will be “bumpy.” What’s notable is how spotty the progress on improving this relationship has been, given the attention it has received and the high stakes involved. It’s clearly time for a new approach to resolving the tension. Read More ››

Don’t Limit Your Personas to Half a Brain | by Quarry

The broad consensus is that personas are good things to have, but let’s face it, too often they look more like database entries (job title, industry, company size, etc.) than real people. They don’t elicit strong empathy or inspire design. Read More ››