enabling ideas® Community of experts presents Conquering Disruption | by Azure Corporation

On May 22, 2015 at the University of Toronto Faculty Club enabling ideas® facilitated an examination on how to get ahead of the many disrupting forces challenging companies and their Leadership. Read More ››

About “Influencers” and how they help nonprofits | by c ( group

Gone are the days when a major celebrity endorsement was the only way a brand could elevate their cultural clout. Or, perhaps I should write “gone are the days of influence as we knew it.” Social media has ushered in a brave new world of fame where every user has the opportunity to be a... Read More ››

From Vulnerable to Advantaged: Six types of personas on the road to customer-centricity | by Quarry

The problem: The single term "persona" currently stands for a broad diversity of practices and assumptions. Compounding this - there is no evident architecture that organizes the relationship between sub-variations of personas people are promoting today: buyer-personas, sales-personas, web-design personas, design-personas, etc. In this context, how can persona buyers and users clearly specify the kind of resource they need? Read More ››

Ideas on a Budget | by c ( group

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on a few seminars where the presenters made consorted efforts to discuss successful yet low-budget (or shall we say “cost efficient”) marketing/communications initiatives for non-profit causes, reinforcing that it is possible to do a lot with a little. At the bottom of this article, I’ve included screenshots and... Read More ››

Thinking Content? 6 Tips For Putting Your Plan Together | by c ( group

If you’re anything like us, you’re using the first few weeks of January to map out your organization’s goals for the year. While some new year’s resolutions revolve around keeping the staff fridge clean, others are decidedly more high-level. In 2015, more marketing departments are trying to operate like newsrooms, and as such, the content calendar... Read More ››