And The Research Shows… | by c ( group

Do you remember the game show “Family Feud”? For whatever reason that token phrase: “and the survey says:” came to mind this morning and it must be because we are involved in a few research projects at present. Here are a few (5) things that we are keeping top of mind as we wade through... Read More ››

Beyond “Responsive” | by c ( group

As December pushes on and signals the final days of 2014, I paused for a moment to look forward and really take stock of what Crescent will be building in 2015, and most of it revolves around the mobile experience. Six in ten Canadians access the internet via their smartphones on a daily basis. Read More ››

The Value Question | by c ( group

I’d like to begin with some questions: In this world of instant transmission and easy access to information, are we engaging more, or are we more easily distracted? When I say “we,” I mean it in the grandest sense of the term: we as businesses and organizations, we as marketers and consumers, and we as... Read More ››

Content in Context | by c ( group

The word “content” has become a catchall for anything you write, create, or curate, and share on the internet. But what does it mean to produce content as a business or organization? And how can you do it without annoying or over-saturating your audience? Read More ››

Relevance: The Key to Conversions | by Crescent Group

I participated in a conference this week (a big thank you to our friends at Blackbaud) and while each of the presenters got up and spoke to their specific area of expertise (design, email, website strategy, marketing automation, or technology) there was a resonating theme that jumped out (well for me anyway) and that was “relevance”. Read More ››