Viral Campaigns: 7 Factors That Will Help Make Impact | by Crescent Group

Although more and more not-for-profits are beginning to realize that social media is not just about broadcasting, there's still much frustration around the notion of “going viral,” as if that is the Holy Grail of social media success. And who are we kidding; it is. What not-for-profit doesn’t want their message to have that level of impact? When we think about “social media” we immediately think channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare and all the others that fight for rank in your prioritization schema. Ultimately, yes, you may measure success based on the metrics generated on these platforms (although there are arguments to be made about how those metrics provide a false ROI and that’s for another article), but your social media strategy needs to come from a different place entirely. Read More ››

Rethink Segmentation – Beyond the Pale: Searching for strategically actionable insight | by Quarry

Cognitive science has a lot to tell us about why conventional customer segmentation so often fails. Humans have an inherent bias that leads us to embrace broadly rendered “idealized cognitive models” of our customers. Compound this bias with misdirected customer-segmentation best practices and you have a formula that's destined to overlook key “shadow segments.” In the article "Beyond the Pale - Searching for Strategically Actionable Insight", Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer at Quarry, offers a radically different approach to strategic segmentation - one based on an understanding of customers’ “tensions in motivations” - that uncovers these shadow segments and can inspire product-design and customer - experience innovations. Read More ››

Your buyers are mobile. Are you? | by Quarry

The Internet changed everything for buyers. Now your buyers are changing the Internet. With the adoption of mobile web devices resembling more of a tsunami than a trend, if you're not providing buyers a mobile-friendly website experience, you're killing your brand. So, what should you be doing differently?

To start with, Responsive Web Design. A responsive website naturally adapts its layout, content, even functionality, based on a visitor's screen-size -- ensuring that whether people visit your site using a smartphone, tablet, desktop or even widescreen TV, your brand is delivering a better, more consistent experience across devices. Read More ››

Inside the Mind of Marketing Automation | by Quarry

You're a marketing automation advocate. You're passionate about your platform and all it can do (and man, can it do a lot!). However, do you ever struggle to find a quick and easy way to socialize and educate others in your organization about marketing automation and its deep functionality? And, as you plan campaigns and programs, do you ever wonder, "Am I truly tapping into my platforms full potential?" Read More ››

Using Social Media Effectively for Business? | by Crescent Group

CRESCENT looks at how three Canadian businesses are using socialmedia effectively. Read More ››