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Blair Severn

President and Managing Partner, Azure Corporation

Business & Financial
Strategy Expert

The best there is at:
Designing and building strategic growth for businesses. With an innate ability to fuse design thinking with financial rigor, Blair not only sees strategic break-throughs where others don’t, but is the best there is to devise, validate, design and operationalize a business strategy into a sustainable advantage.

How Blair became the best there is:

Blair has a unique skill of seeing business opportunities and issues through an integrated lens. This evolved from a personal journey to be educated in solving increasingly complex business issues and a professional journey in re-tooling businesses of increasing size and scale for new growth.

Equally capable with a start-up as with an international corporation, you may find Blair re-tooling a small company for growth by installing size appropriate corporate disciplines. On another day you may find Blair infusing entrepreneurial creativity into a stagnant large corporation.

Blair’s personal journey began with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Sociology from Brock University studying business management and consumer behavior. He continued his education with an Honours Bachelor of Administrative Studies degree from York University. Majoring in Marketing, he learned the discipline of designing business offers according to market opportunity and customer need. Completing an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, he studied Integrative Thinking under the stewardship of Dean Roger Martin, who was recently named one of the top 10 management thinkers in the world. Blair honed a financial acumen Majoring in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking.

Blair’s professional journey began in his family’s business, The Severn Group, living the unique dynamics of family entrepreneurship. Responsible for two new growth business units, the company accelerated from $1 million to $7 million. Managing a regional chain of stores for one of North America’s largest Utilities, Consumers Gas, Blair navigated the entanglement of corporate and government constraints, re-designing, deregulating and lifting the stagnant $20 million business to $36 million. As head of National Retail Marketing for Sony of Canada, Blair was charged with the complexity to deliver corporate channel growth without compromising vendor channel performance. A retail concept and marketing model redesign furthered Blair’s record of success elevating a business stalled at $100 million to $165 million.

In the Office of Strategic Management in one of Canada’s largest international Financial Institutions, BMO Financial Group, Blair joined a team of special advisors to the Chairman and CEO and Board of Directors. This experience exposed Blair to corporate strategy governance at the most complex level.

From this personal and professional journey, Blair honed his ability to see businesses with an integrated lens. Where others see unavoidable trade-offs, Blair sees integrated solutions.

Co-founding in 2004 prominent business strategy consultancy Azure Corporation, he has been designing and implementing new growth for Corporations and Independent Enterprise Clients. Most recently in 2011, Blair Co-founded the enabling ideas® Community of experts.

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