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Simplifying the complex into easy-to-apply formulas so that professionals can raise their brand presence, reach more prospects and sell more easily.


Since 2006, Elevate Biz has worked with some of North America’s most influential brands, teaching proven business development strategies to connect with more qualified prospects, build stronger goodwill and achieve greater returns from event sponsorships. From keynotes, to in-person training to in-depth online programming, Elevate Biz transforms a company’s approach to business development by bringing simple solutions to complex issues. Elevate Biz has helped thousands of professionals build stronger community relationships and assisted small-to-mid sized businesses to significantly grow top-line revenue. The company’s founder, Allison Graham, has been featured by national media outlets as an authority on networking, sales and resiliency.


    From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding & Profitable Networking Made Easy! – Professionals know they need to build a network, but rarely are taught how in a way that leads to a profitable circle of influence. This book covers the four pillars of profitable networking
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    Married My Mom, Birthed A Dog: How to be Resilient When Life Sucks! – A person’s ability to bounce back quickly in tough times will determine their professional trajectory. Based on the author’s decade of hell, she shares tools to use to be resilient when life’s proverbial fan blows on high.
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Training Programs

Building Your Army of Allies: The Evolution of Profitable Relationships

Type: Conference presentation or internal training program

Who: professional service providers, leaders and business owners.

This program walks the user through the journey of what it takes to move a prospect from “unknown” to a loyal, client and referral source. It illustrates how to open doors to prime prospects and industry influencers in today’s marketplace For more information

The Infinite Sales Sequence: Discovering the Trap Doors for Sales

Type: in-depth facilitation and training session, consulting program

Who: small to mid-sized businesses with the agility to better processes and bring the marketing, customer service and sales teams together.

The signature process of Elevate Biz, the Infinite Sales Sequence is a model that looks at the client life-cycle through an integrated lens of marketing, sales and customer service. It highlights where clients escape and closes those trap doors permanently. For more information

The Road to Resiliency Ninja

Type: conference keynote presentation

Who: fits for teams facing lots of change, women’s conferences, entrepreneurial conferences

Stress, obstacles and adversity are facts of life. Professionals play of Whack-A-Mole swatting down one problem just for another to erupt. Knowing how to bounce back and succeed no matter what challenges one faces, means the difference between success and failure. For more information

Leveraging Sponsored and Hosted Events for Maximum Value

Type: online program, internal training, consulting program

Who: Large institutions who sponsor events, mid-sized businesses involved in the community

Sadly, logo placement at sponsored community events does not have the cache it used to have. To make an impact, there needs to be a strategy to drive new opportunities. Using the proven Elevate Biz formula before, during and after sponsored events will significantly increase the ROI. For more information

The Sweet Spot of Profitable Activity

Type: online program, internal training, consulting program

Who: busy professionals who want to choose the best places to invest time

There are countless networking and business development opportunities to weigh down already over-loaded schedules. Going to too many dilutes the value and isn’t sustainable. Use the Elevate Biz framework to put a strategy to choosing the best events for the highest impact. For more information

Skyrocketing Referrals

Type: internal training

Who: sales professionals who want more referrals

Statistically referrals have a higher close ratio and a shorter sales cycle so it makes sense to get as many as possible, but professionals often feel they don’t have enough. This training covers the most important aspects to increase your referrals. For more information

Consultative Selling and How to Overcome Objections

Type: internal training

Who: sales professionals who want more referrals

Learn the Elevate Biz formula to overcoming objections and walking prospects through a sales path that encourages them to choose to buy rather than feel like they’ve been sold. This approach to confident, conversational selling results in a higher close ratio, stronger client relationships and a more impactful service approach. For more information

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