April 18, 2016: Enabling Ideas® Community of Experts Collaboration Assembly, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Enabling ideas® Community of experts member companies recently assembled to discuss, exchange views and explore multi-disciplinary collaborating opportunities as we continue to expand our membership and service capabilities.

Member participants from both the United States and Canada rotated through a series of one-on-one meets. Experts across a diverse span of specializations gathered to examine interfacing touch points among their professional service discipliines including; business and financial strategy, cybersecurity law, data collection, employment and labour relations, executive recruiting and HR, data analytics, design, marketing and communications, privacy and data protection, video and commercial production, corporate law and litigation, economic development, strategic mergers, aquisitions and divestitures.

Transcending conventional management consulting, more than just consult and advise, the enabling ideas® Community of experts convene and mobilize the expertise of various professional disciplines into robust client solutions through our 4 service branches; Ideation and Strategy, Research and Analyisis, Solution Realization and Executive Education and Training.

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