November 5, 2016: 2016 ACTION Conference, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

The ACTION Conference caters to anyone interested in taking the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re generating ideas or executing them, the ACTION Conference will put you front and centre amongst experienced industry leaders.

Some highlights of this year’s conference include:

Yossi Feinberg, architect behind Stanford University Graduate School of Business’s Entrepreneurship Program
Donald Steiny, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and angel investor
Randall Howard, serial technology CEO, investor, and philanthropist
Grover Righter, world-class customer acquisition and growth expert from Silicon Valley
Peter Evans, Canada’s top tech marketer

Keynote Addresses*:

Becoming Iconic — Gerald Weiner, CEO at Landmark Canada
Global Trends in Entrepreneurship — Yossi Feinberg, Professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business
See You in the Future: Entrepreneurs in the Age of Machines — Grover Righter, Chief Scientist and CEO at Lever 10

*Keynotes will be accompanied by a variety of immersive workshops.

If you are serious about building a profitable venture, leading innovative projects in a large company, and learning from Silicon Valley’s best, this event will supercharge your journey.

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