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Glen Drummond

Partner and Chief Innovation Officer, Quarry

Innovation Expert

The best there is at:
Helping innovation leaders by marrying the theory and practice of innovation with deep customer insight. With an innate ability to synthesize seemingly disparate data, Glen not only leads the discovery of strategically relevant customer insight, but is the best there is to structure and communicate that insight in ways that overcome typical barriers to innovation in an enterprise setting.

How Glen became the best there is:

After graduating at the top of his undergraduate class in literature, Glen became employee number four, in what was then, Quarry Advertising – starting as copywriter and quickly broadening his focus to help clients develop creative solutions to their marketing communications challenges. Graduating next with the gold medal from the Institute of Canadian Advertising CAAP program, Glen led assignments with longer-range brand-building goals, while at the same time he expanded his inventory of theoretical skills through a Masters Degree in rhetoric.

At the dawn of the web, Glen organized and led a specialty team within Quarry that was producing application rich websites and putting them in the market for clients as early as 1995. A few years later, Glen took on leadership of a technical communication team, and guided its evolution towards a usability powerhouse, an early pioneer in user-centered design, and a thought-leader in the application of ethno-methodology and personas in customer experience design.

Serving as Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at Quarry, Glen provides sponsorship for emerging practice areas within Quarry’s own business, while at the same time providing consulting support to innovation leaders working in Quarry’s client organizations including- John Deere, Cisco, Symantec, JCI.

Glen teaches a fourth-year course titled “Marketing as Creativity” in the WLU School of Business and Economics. In this course he explores with his students the connections between artistic creativity and commercially-oriented innovation. His thinking on “shadow segments” has recently produced significant interest within Quarry’s client organizations. Glen is currently building a body of reflections on the topic of Brand Ergonomics – a reframing of marketing assumptions for a buyer-led economy. And just to connect a few more dots, on weekends, he rocks out with his 70’s cover band.

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Tel: 519.664.2777 x2226
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