Have you heard about EyeHome™, the latest innovation in online data collection from enabling ideas® Member, Canadian Viewpoint. EyeHome™ empowers a research respondent with the choice of answering open ended research questions through a webcam enabled service. And correspondingly, EyeHome™ empowers the researcher with enhanced data collection by amassing additional observational data not typically captured in a conventional online research method.

Putting an end to status quo, Canadian Viewpoint recently added to their already industry leading capabilities, this unique data collection methodology significantly enhancing the robustness of online research data. The benefit is greater customization of open-ended questioning and a more thorough capture of participant response.

This special capability provides for (i) facial coding and other forms of observational analysis, (ii) selection and editing of videos for presentation placement and (iii) research customization that extracts better data by pairing a qualitative / visual component with a quantitative online study (normally two separate research activities).

This innovative methodology applies to a wide variety of consumer research requirements including; home use tests, concept tests, ad tests and even packaging tests.

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