Colour Revolution’s Game Changing Patent Simplifies the Application of Hair Colour

Have you heard about Colour Revolution Inc.’s recent US patent award? Enabling ideas® Solution Director and Managing Partner of Colour Revolution Inc. Ruth Stern, has developed a technology that might be called (using A.G. Lafley Chairman, CEO and President of P&G’s definition) a “Game Changer” in the $7 billion and growing, global hair color industry.

It’s been 100+ years since L’Oreal formulated the first hair dye and created a new consumer product category. Although Industry leaders, such as Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, P& G’s Clairol/Wella and Italhair, over the last few years introduced and expanded better quality hair colour products, none have modernized the tedious, messy conventional way to mix and apply the colour. Colour Revolution now has.

In the largely undifferentiated consumer product category, Colour Revolution is the first to focus on designing a better product experience. Their vision was to make home colouring and salon applications easier, cleaner and less wasteful for the consumer and/or the professional. Colour Revolution’s recent US patented technology break-through has evolved over the last 8 years from their original design launched in 2007, a Canadian patented dual barrel cartridge for root touch up. Their new US patented applicator is portable, reusable and will enable both root touch ups and full color coverage through the same applicator. Colour Revolution’s new design was in part inspired by the company’s sensitivity to consumers increasingly heightened sense of environmental responsibility. The new applicator was designed with environmental provisions in mind such as less packaging and leftover solution that may be saved for future application.

In discussing what’s next for Colour Revolution Ruth Stern stated, “We know that our process of mixing the necessary compounds at point of application through a removable or stationary mixer head is a disruptive technology. Our next step in capitalizing on this patented break-through involves selecting an existing or new market entrant strategic partner who wants to differentiate their offering by making the application of hair color (tints and dyes) easier, mobile and more environmentally friendly.”

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