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Blair Severn by Blair Severn, Chairman enabling ideas® 

  • Colour Revolution's Game Changing Patent Simplifies the Application of Hair Colour
    Have you heard about Colour Revolution Inc.’s recent US patent award? Enabling ideas® Solution Director and Managing Partner of Colour Revolution Inc. Ruth Stern, has developed a technology that might be called (using A.G. Lafley Chairman, CEO and President of P&G’s definition) a “Game Changer” in the $7 billion and growing, global hair color industry. Read More ››

  • How to Destroy Your Reputation in 15 Minutes
    It can take years to build a reputation and only minutes to destroy it. And, never has this reality been more pointed than in today’s 24-hour news cycle where getting it first often trumps getting it right -- and where a small, unsubstantiated piece of information can catch fire on social media, taking on a life of its own. Read More ››

  • Porter Airlines Conquering Complexity | by Azure Corporation and Rotman Information Solutions
    Knowing how did they do it, how Porter Airlines entered a highly competitive industry and is winning against impossible odds, begins with understanding how aligning a company's participation, offer and operating strategies create a winning model, even against bigger formidable competitors. Read More ››

  • Build Cross-border Growth Faster Off An Entrance Asset | by Azure Corporation
    You’ve decided it’s time to make the leap from selling just in your home country to now offering your products or services across the border. You’ve identified your Target Market and set your Participation Strategy. Now it’s time to engage your growth engine and get to selling. Read More ››

  • Quarry Augments Board of Directors, Expands Ownership | by Quarry
    Quarry Integrated Communications announced today it has elected Ginny Dybenko to its Board of Directors. Read More ››

  • The enabling ideas® Build Team
    enabling ideas® was built, practicing what we preach, assembling diverse experts into a "best fit" collaborating team to make a great idea, reality. Read More ››

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