Managed RFP

Azure Corporation – enabling ideas® managed RFP helps Clients establish a single best fit provider, or an assembled team of best fit collaborating providers, that most closely match a Client’s requirement on all success critical dimensions; functionally, financially, relationally and situationally.

Where the enabling ideas® shortlist function offers Clients a self-directed choice, pointing you in the right direction to a narrowed selection of appropriate providers, the managed RFP solution get’s you to the very best fitting expert solution.

The managed RFP service evaluates provider fit beyond conventional project scoping criteria with additional relational criteria aligning; client culture to provider personality, required insights to provider relevancies, client capability weaknesses to provider talent.


  • you have a requirement and don’t know who to go to
  • you have a requirement and don’t have the time to manage it


The cost varies according to the simplicity or complexity of the Client requirement and situation.

Please call 905-939 9444 or email for a detailed activity assessment and costs.

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