Viral Campaigns: 7 Factors That Will Help Make Impact | by Crescent Group

May 22, 2014

Although more and more not-for-profits are beginning to realize that social media is not just about broadcasting, there’s still much frustration around the notion of “going viral,” as if that is the Holy Grail of social media success. And who are we kidding; it is. What not-for-profit doesn’t want their message to have that level of impact?

When we think about “social media” we immediately think channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare and all the others that fight for rank in your prioritization schema. Ultimately, yes, you may measure success based on the metrics generated on these platforms (although there are arguments to be made about how those metrics provide a false ROI and that’s for another article), but your social media strategy needs to come from a different place entirely.

Consider this definition: social media is the act of creating memorable brand experiences that people are compelled to shareSo it’s more about the experience and less about the channel. That’s really the key to the whole “viral” thing, too: Something only goes viral because someone is moved enough to the point of wanting to share it with someone else who then shares it with someone else and someone else, and so on. The channel is just the vehicle for sharing. So how, then, does one begin to craft a social media strategy based on this line of thinking?

First, you’ll need to get passed the idea that things that go viral…

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