The Role of the Not-For-Profit Website in 2015 | by Crescent Group

June 5, 2014

When asked about relative importance, in the grand hierarchy of all marketing materials, we all know it, the website tops the list. In fact, 91% agree that the website is the most important communications channel used by not-for-profits*.

Other channels like email marketing and social media aren’t trailing that far behind, but your website should be the central hub of your organization’s communications, the core place that ties all of your marketing efforts together.

This is not new. For years we’ve heard that the website is the single most compelling part of your marketing tool kit. I would even propose the website is a bigger piece of the marketing puzzle for not-for-profits than it is for other types of businesses or organizations. Why? As a not-for-profit communicator, you’re rarely selling a tangible product. Instead, you’re selling a promise, a story, or a solution. One can’t hold your mission in the palm of their hands and touch and feel it before they make a decision to buy (or can they?). People who invest in your organization do so because…

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