Relevance: The Key to Conversions | by Crescent Group

September 17, 2014

I participated in a conference this week (a big thank you to our friends at Blackbaud) and while each of the presenters got up and spoke to their specific area of expertise (design, email, website strategy, marketing automation, or technology) there was a resonating theme that jumped out (well for me anyway) and that was “relevance”.

“If you try to speak to everyone; you speak to no one” was my favorite quote. Examining the meaning behind that idea tells us that the more you understand 1) who you are communicating to 2) where they are in their journey with you and 3) what specifically you want them to do, the more you can tailor your messaging and the more you increase your opportunity to achieve conversion.

Most nonprofits can easily segment stakeholders into buckets: donors, potential donors, members, applicants, employers, the public etc. The question is are you getting specific enough?

Let’s look at a donation-based organization and how much more they can affect their fundraising goals with strategically tailored communications. Your message should consider whether a donor has already given in this year, how much, what else they’ve done, and what you would like to see them do next. For example, if a donor gave a gift of $50 last year, the email, web-page, brochure or other communications collateral you use to engage that donor shouldn’t ever suggest a lower donation amount. This means $50 would be the minimum option they see.

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