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December 22, 2014

Do you remember the game show “Family Feud”? For whatever reason that token phrase: “and the survey says:” came to mind this morning and it must be because we are involved in a few research projects at present.

Here are a few (5) things that we are keeping top of mind as we wade through the information gathered in qualitative research looking to draw out those key insights that will form the basis of solid strategies:

1. Common themes: common themes reveal the ideas and understandings that are at the route of how your organization is perceived by stakeholders (internal or external) and ultimately the areas where you will want to look to affect change or maintain awareness as the case may be. Of particular interest are the common themes that reoccur across the various audience groups as they reveal a definite attribute of your brand profile or experience whether intended or not.

2. Real experiences: stories about how end users have been affected by your organization or more importantly stories about their journey with you provide insight about emotions, needs, and barriers that can become future criteria for measurement of success or KPIs (key performance indicators).

3. Question areas: even with a scripted interview questionnaire deck, conversations with stakeholders and participants vary greatly from interview to interview. As an initial exercise we look to summarize what we heard an interviewee say in each of the various question areas as opposed to comparing question to question as you would in quantitative research.

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