Thinking Content? 6 Tips For Putting Your Plan Together | by c ( group

January 16, 2015

If you’re anything like us, you’re using the first few weeks of January to map out your organization’s goals for the year. While some new year’s resolutions revolve around keeping the staff fridge clean, others are decidedly more high-level.

In 2015, more marketing departments are trying to operate like newsrooms, and as such, the content calendar is becoming an increasingly important tool in guiding communications initiatives. A content calendar is “a shareable resource that marketing teams can use to plan all content marketing activity. The benefit of using the calendar format, rather than just a long list of content to be published, is that you can visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year.”*

As the day-to-day noise of nine-to-five sets in, the content calendar provides some structure through times of chaos. And while what you’ve outlined doesn’t necessarily have to be set in stone, organizing your objectives and planning your communications will help you allocate resources, talent, and budgets.

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