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June 4, 2015

Gone are the days when a major celebrity endorsement was the only way a brand could elevate their cultural clout. Or, perhaps I should write “gone are the days of influence as we knew it.” Social media has ushered in a brave new world of fame where every user has the opportunity to be a creator and every platform has its own stars. Ever heard of Jerome Jarre? If not, that’s because you’re not on Snapchat. What about Tyler Oakley? (he’s big on YouTube), or King Bach (Vine).

It’s not just brands like Pepsi and Taco Bell who are restructuring their paid advertising programs to woo influencers: organizations like Earth Justice and Moms Rising have also realized the importance of including influencer outreach into their marketing mix.

Since we’ve been hearing a lot about influencers lately, we thought we’d take the time to help contextualize this buzzword for our not-for-profit audience to help you understand who influencers are and how they can help forward your mission. Turns out that while the nature of fame has changed, there’s even more opportunity for creative collaboration.

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