From Vulnerable to Advantaged: Six types of personas on the road to customer-centricity | by Quarry

June 1, 2015

The problem: The single term “persona” currently stands for a broad diversity of practices and assumptions. Compounding this – there is no evident architecture that organizes the relationship between sub-variations of personas people are promoting today: buyer-personas, sales-personas, web-design personas, design-personas, etc. In this context, how can persona buyers and users clearly specify the kind of resource they need? How can persona builders arrive at a scope of effort that is appropriate for the intended use? And what are the implications for the integrity of persona-based practices amidst this confusion.

The solution: Offered here, a persona typology that defines six kinds of personas, and structures each in relationship to the others according to three dimensions: insight methods, segmentation perspective and disruptive capabilities. The result is a systematic way to compare relative quality between types of personas and to clarify which type of persona is suited to a particular business objective.

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