The new world of B2B buying | by Quarry


In October 2015, the CEB brought 1,200 business leaders together in Las Vegas to challenge the status quo of B2B sales and marketing. Using insights from the bestselling book “The Challenger Customer”, the presentations captivated the audience and sparked spirited discussions between the attendees.

Here are Richard Hill’s top seven takeaways from the CEB Summit on the new world of B2B buying. Read the blog post to learn more.

  1. Sure, selling is hard. But buying is even harder.
  2. Today, it’s groups (not individuals) that make complex purchase decisions.
  3. But groups can’t make decisions well (or often at all).
  4. Today’s customer is paralyzed, not liberated by choice.
  5. Think buyer first
  6. Find and target the “Mobilizer”
  7. Get prescriptive—show buyers the way

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