Buzz Word: “User Experience Design” | by Crescent

January 27, 2016

Innovation, disruption, transformation… these are the new buzz words of business today. Leading companies in all sectors are those that are succeeding at one or more of those things (although I would argue that those are all synonyms for the same thing). Last week I was at the Sandbox Project conference and in his keynote address, Rick Young offered that the same is true for the non-profit sector and especially within the context of social change. That the social changes we seek to affect will only be possible if we succeed at disruption/transformation of behaviour (at the micro level), communities (at the miso level), and systems (or governments) (at the macro level). These concepts are the subject of discussion everywhere. Companies are hiring “transformation managers”, “innovation strategists”, “futurists”, and “predictors of where the world is going”. All so that we can make products and services that will meet (or maybe define) our future needs.

For me, design and design thinking have always been at the root of innovation, disruption, transformation…

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