A Clash of Intuitions: Understanding the Tension Between Sales & Marketing | by Quarry

June 20, 2016

It’s almost an entrenched fact that the relationship between Sales and Marketing will be “bumpy.” What’s notable is how spotty the progress on improving this relationship has been, given the attention it has received and the high stakes involved. It’s clearly time for a new approach to resolving the tension.

The situation calls to mind Mark Twain’s quip: “Everyone talks about the weather—nobody does anything about it.” Except, in this case, plenty of capable people have tried to resolve the dilemma. What’s needed is a totally new way to understand the disagreement between sales and marketing.

Getting the facts on the table and letting the best argument win can solve some disagreements. Once resolved, no one needs to cross that ground again. But then there’s chronic disagreement—and this is the type that I argue afflicts sales and marketing teams.

Trying to solve chronic disagreements by debate is mental whack-a-mole. For every objection dispatched, another pops up in its place. You’re not dealing with rational disagreement. You’re dealing with a clash of intuitions.

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