IP Fundamentals for Business Lawyers | by McMillan LLP

April 2016

At McMillan we are committed to fostering growth and professional development of our young lawyers. Our in-house experts, Peter Giddens, Sharon Groom and Keith Bird presented a two-part IP Primer on “Intellectual Property Fundamentals for Business Lawyers” to help junior and senior level business lawyers understand the legal complexities of IP law in Canada.

Almost every business possesses some intangible assets, such as patents, trade-marks and copyrights that give the business a competitive edge. Do you need to know more to help your client protect its patents, trade-marks and copyrights?

Topics include:
• what are patents, trade-marks and copyrights?
• what rights do they confer?
• what should a business do to protect those rights?

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For more information, please contact:

Peter Giddens,
Partner, Co-Chair, Intellectual Property
Sharon Groom,
Keith Bird,

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