Why Leaders Fail More Than They Succeed
| by Azure Corporation

September 2016

Imagine the value creation possibilities for your company, your community, your region, your country and the global economy if leaders actually succeeded more than they failed.

The Disturbing Facts: According to Dr. Kotter and his research at the Harvard Business School, just 5% of all organizations implement their strategies successfully. A Bain Consulting Study uncovered that 7 out of 8 companies failed to achieve profitable growth (defined as 5.5% annual real growth), when 90% had strategic plans with targets exceeding this growth rate. Statistics Canada recorded a net decline of 4810 SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) in 2013, with 83,240 companies disappearing compared to 78,430 new start ups. Research by Intuit Canada ascertained that 50% of all new start ups fail by year 5.

How can this be? Particularly when the experts have taught us all sure enough pathways to success like; the 5 forces of competitive advantage; how to leap past good to great; the little things that make a big difference to reach the tipping point; by starting with why we’ll inspire unprecedented achievement; and a plethora of other nuggets of leadership wisdom and business acumen.

With all of this insight, why then do the vast majority of Executives and Entrepreneurs fail to deliver?

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