Member validation

The enabling ideas® Community of experts is an exclusive fellowship of independent member companies with stringent criteria for suitability and acceptance. The membership has been assembled from large and small providers, of varying fields of expertise, to offer business decision makers, depth and diversity of choice.

Irrespective of member size or field of expertise member companies are validated to the same admission criteria, including; a passion and commitment to excellence, consistent delivery on their company promise and professional integrity.

Approval for membership has been validated through one or more of the following activities:

  • (i) Extensive review and evaluation of the company’s work relative to industry standard.
  • (ii) Interviews with the company executive and ownership.
  • (iii) Interviews with any current member a company applying for membership is known to or is being nominated by.
  • (iv) Interviews with client references.

Suitability and acceptance to membership of an applying member company is determined by
(i) Validating evidence they are great at what they claim to be great at (ii) Validating evidence of a history of client satisfaction (iii) Validating evidence they consistently deliver to industry performance standards in their field of expertise and (iv) Validating evidence they deliver excellence (above industry norms) in some manner.

Core Values a Member company contracts to comply with as a condition of membership are:

  • Honesty
  • Dependability
  • Courtesy
  • Diversity
  • Fellowship
  • Integrity


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