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Gravity Consulting provides on-demand Chief Financial Officer services to owner-managed businesses looking to obtain executive level financial expertise without the long-term monetary commitment of a full-time employee. We can provide you with the financial information and advice businesses need to make sound and informed investment, financing, and other business decisions.


Over the past decade, we have worked with companies in business services, retail, property development and manufacturing to enhance their financial performance and accountability.

Our profitability analyses of product and service offerings have enabled our clients to redirect their resources towards growth or to enhance their bottom line. Our financial models have allowed companies to make key investment and cash flow management decisions and we have facilitated the successful sale of companies through the development of key financial indicators and management reports for potential buyers, enabling them to easily make company evaluations and purchase decisions.


  • Cash flow and cash planning tools
  • Profitability analysis and optimization
  • Financial and management reports
  • Financial controls and systems
  • Performance indicators/benchmarks
  • Financial modeling
  • Financing
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Acquisition/divestiture planning and due diligence
  • Exit, transition or succession plan strategies

Business owners often find themselves in a position where they don’t know what is driving their sales, profits, and cash flow. They don’t have the financial information needed to make solid evaluations. Without knowing where they stand, they can’t develop effective growth strategies or execute other financial plans, such as those needed for acquisition/divesture or transition and succession.

As a CFO on demand, we work with clients to devise systems and processes to capture key financial information upon which to confidently make decisions. Meaningful, useful measures and data allow for the identification of specific drivers and operational gaps. For example, specific product lines or service offerings may be highlighted as particular drivers of sales and profits, whereas others may constitute a cash drain.

Having acquired the appropriate data, businesses are able to better manage existing financial issues, develop plans for profitable growth, identify new markets, or proceed with a company sale. In addition to providing important decision-making tools, better financial measures in and of themselves add value to a company as they provide transparency to investors, lenders and potential purchasers.

To help clients reach their goals, Gravity Consulting provides ongoing support encompassing everything from training and coaching staff through market expansion, to benchmarking and the development of performance indicators.

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