Randy Redford, Magnetic

Randy Redford

President and Founder, Magnetic

Design Expert

The best there is at:
Understanding what truly drives consumers, from the experiences they desire to the decisions they make, and leveraging those insights to deliver compelling brand and packaging expressions for his clients. Randy is an idea impassioned, strategically grounded, creative thought leader with 20+ years experience building, expanding and revitalizing brands across multiple communication verticals.

How Randy became the best there is:

Randy has been a mentor to creative and business teams that have built a formidable portfolio of legendary brands. As a designer, his work has been recognized with multiple industry awards from around the world.

Working closely with creative and account teams in leading, assessing, refocusing and executing brands consistently across all consumer touch points, Randy has an exceptional track record of delivering branding solutions that get in-market results and build lasting brand equities for his clients.

Randy pulls from a broad base of experience and has worked with a diverse range of tier one clients that include: Kraft, Nestle, Good Humor Breyers, Delta Faucet, United Airlines, The Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Communications, RBC Financial group, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Wegmans, Walmart, Cott Beverages, Walgreens, CVS, The Hudson Bay Company, Bayer, Cadbury Schweppes, Diageo and Maple Leaf Foods.

Some of Randy’s successful projects include:

Working with the Toronto Blue Jays, Randy led the successful repositioning and rebranding of the Toronto Blue Jays. His new design delivered exponential growth in merchandise sales (from last in the league to top 5) and expanded their core audience, a key objective of the rebranding.

Along with the rebranding, Randy delivered a compelling retail merchandise strategy along with creating and implementing a successful brand launch.

Randy partnered with The Royal Bank Financial Group in its successful rebranding and expansion to the United States. A critical part of the engagement was to ensure acceptance across the various RBC companies.

Randy chaired an organizational branding council to ensure the seamless integration of the new brand and strategy across the entire organization. The scope of the project included brand analysis and architecture along with brand positioning, communication strategy and identity design.

Randy developed a comprehensive retail own brand strategy and package design for A&P’s private label program in the United States. He led all facets of the work including consultation on brand tiering, product segmentation, category analysis, brand naming, brand creation, package design and execution. The work delivered exponential revenue growth, won numerous industry awards and led to the client winning retailer of the year award and retail executive of the year award.

The carbonated soft drink category is dominated by two large national brands that have built a strong emotional bond with consumers.

Working with Wegmans, Randy’s challenge was to create an engaging new brand that was perceived as equal in quality to the national brands. One that consumers would feel proud to serve their friends and families.

Randy’s new package design has been an incredible success for Wegmans. The new brand has been wholeheartedly embraced by consumers and in the second week of the new brand launch, unit sales of Wegmans 12-packs were more than twice the previous best sales week of all time, and outsold Coke and Pepsi combined. A significant accomplishment against the two established brand giants.


Contact Information
Tel: 416.937.6290
E-mail: randy@magneticdesign.ca
Website: magneticdesign.ca
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