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At Spire Philanthropy we build creative, sustainable and financially viable partnerships between charities and corporations. For charities, we help build sustainable partnerships with corporations and funding from private foundations. For corporations, we help build their profile, brand, services and products in the charitable sector.


At Spire Philanthropy, we pride ourselves on building creative, sustainable and financially viable partnerships between charities and corporations.

We leverage the firm’s deep experience in both the corporate and charitable sectors. We understand how charities view corporations, and conversely, how corporations perceive charities. This experience allows us to help charities build truly successful partnerships with corporations based on a foundation of mutual understanding, value sharing, and shared strategic benefits.

For corporations that have a product, service or solution that appeals to charities, we provide business development and marketing strategies that maximize market appeal.


For Charities

  • Building Sustainable Partnerships with Corporations
  • Obtaining grants from North American Foundations

For Corporations

  • Selling and marketing products to charities
  • Selling and marketing services to charities
  • Incorporating product strategies into CSR

At Spire Philanthropy, our basic philosophy is to build stronger partnerships between the Canads’s corporate and charitable sectors. In order to create true partnerships between the sectors, a new paradigm must be created, one where both corporations and charities recognize the value of the partnership and benefit equally from it. The funder-receiver paradigm where the power in the relationship rests with the corporation undermines the very definition of partnership.

In a true partnership, each side must understand the other’s motivations and see value in the relationship. Our vast experience in both corporate community investment and non-profit management are the keys to its deep value proposition. We understand the motivations of each partnership and by doing so, and we are able to seek true common ground.

As corporations become more strategic with their community investments, and with charities trying to maximize their limited resources, we work with both parties to develop partnerships that create real value, both intrinsic and financial, for all.

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North America

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Brad Offman, Founder and Principal

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15 North Park Road, Suite 312
Thornhill, ON

Phone: 416.629.9242


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